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Buche unvergessliche Urlaubserlebnisse - deine Freunde werden vor Neid erblassen. Finde unvergleichliche Touren & Aktivitäten, von denen du noch lange schwärmen wirst ICT Development Index - Results of the 2019 Consultation Questionnaire . Out of the 193 ITU Members, a response was received from 76 administrations: 49 were in favour of using the methodology used until 2017, 17 were against, and 10 had no preference

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ICT Development Index - background document 30 September 2019 Introduction The ICT Development Index (IDI) is a composite index designed to allow assessing and comparing the state of ICT development within and between countries. The IDI allows monitoring changes in the development of ICTs over time so that forward-looking policy can be informed. The IDI was first release The ICT Development Index (IDI) is a composite index designed to allow assessing and comparing the state of ICT development within and between countries. The IDI allows monitoring changes in the development of ICTs over time so that forward-looking policy can be informed. The IDI was first released in 2009, and since published annually until 2017. The IDI is based on a three-stage conceptual framewor The ICT Development Index is an index published by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union based on internationally agreed information and communication technologies indicators. This makes it a valuable tool for benchmarking the most important indicators for measuring the information society. The IDI is a standard tool that governments, operators, development agencies, researchers and others can use to measure the digital divide and compare ICT performance within. International Telecommunication Union's ICT Development Index and related measures of a country's ICT development maturity suffer from several limitations, including subjective estimation of the weights of individual indicators and sub-indices, use of inappropriate quantitative models, specification bias arising from the exclusion of potential predictors from the estimation models, and a failure to capture the disparities among different groups of countries. To overcome these. The ICT Development Index (IDI), which has been published annually since 2009, is a composite index that until 2017, combined 11 indicators into one benchmark measure. It is used to monitor and compare developments in information and communication technology (ICT) between countries and over time

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ICT development index. Date : 2021-02-16. Source : SG. Meeting : 2021-06-08. Access : Public Document . Abstract : This report provides an overview of latest developments regarding the attempt to resume the publication of the ICT Development Index The Network Readiness Index 2019's top performer in this year's index is Sweden, which is just ahead of Singapore in 2nd place and the Netherlands in 3rd place. The top 10 countries in the NRI 2019 are shown in the table below. The top of the rankings is dominated by European nations, with the region claiming 8 of the top 10 positions. The United States is ranked 8th globally global benchmark of the use of ICT for development and competitiveness. Earlier this year (2019), due to some internal re-organizations and changed priorities, the WEF decided to hand over the production of the NRI to us. This provided us with an opportune moment to revisit the NRI framework and make it future-ready. Over the las

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  1. In this modern era, the importance of information and communication technology (ICT) cannot be ignored for sustainable human development. However, Pakistan has experienced a considerable gap between ICT economic growth and human development. In this regard, this study has modeled the relationship between ICT, economic growth, and the human development index (HDI) considering urbanization.
  2. Developing; Europe; Land Locked Developing Countries (LLDCs) Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Small Island Developing States (SIDS) The Americas; See also: Digital Opportunity Index, 2007, Global Cybersecurity Index, Information of ICT Data Providers List, Price and Affordability of ICTs, Measuring the Information Society Report, 2018 ; Knoema, an Eldridge business, is the most comprehensive.
  3. Home Foreword Contents Internet use Offline population Gender gap Mobile vs. fixed Mobile phone ownership Households with ICT Network coverage Bandwidth ICT skills Affordability Resources. Pages; Editions; Facts and figures 2019. Measuring digital development. Read now.
  4. By 2019, it is expected that the global ICT market, including TV and video services, will be worth a total of more than 4.4 trillion euros. Read mor
  5. African Development Bank African Development Bank the first position. Republic of Congo gained 7 positions (owing to fast electricity generation and ICT growth), fol-lowed by Ghana and Malawi (3 positions due to impro-vements in ICT and Water Supply and Sanitation), Ango - la, Côte d'Ivoire, and Ethiopia (2 positions each due t
  6. Der Index der menschlichen Entwicklung (englisch Human Development Index, abgekürzt HDI) der Vereinten Nationen ist ein Indikator für Staaten, der auch als Wohlstandsindikator bezeichnet wird. Der HDI wird seit 1990 im jährlich erscheinenden Bericht über die menschliche Entwicklung (englisch Human Development Report) des Entwicklungsprogramms der Vereinten Nationen (UNDP) veröffentlicht
  7. The transition between 2019 and 2020 led to the highest annual progression of the index of the number of persons employed as ICT specialists ever observed during the decade, with a jump of 10.4 points of index. In 2020, ICT specialists reinforced their progression in the total work force at the rate of 7.5 % largely above the 1.3 % decrease of total employment

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The 2021 index includes the same number of economies as the last iteration (152). Data limitations affect compilation of the index. Internet user data for 2019 were limited at the time of index calculation and data on accounts the latest for 2017are as the pandemic delayed the collection of data for the World Bank's Global Findex database. Hence, change The Inclusive Development Index (IDI) is an annual assessment of 103 countries' economic performance that measures how countries perform on eleven dimensions of economic progress in addition to GDP. It has 3 pillars; growth and development; inclusion and; intergenerational equity - sustainable stewardship of natural and financial resources the development process. The GCI 4.0 highlights the profound competitiveness deficit that needs to be urgently addressed to restore productivity and growth to improve living standards. Executive Summary The 2019 edition of The Global Competitiveness Report series, first launched in 1979, features the Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 (GCI 4.0.

UNCTAD's work on measuring e-commerce and the digital economy aims to build the capacity of countries to produce official statistics on e-commerce and the digital economy, and that can be used to guide policy making. The lack of such data currently constitutes a significant gap in the tool-kit governments need to design and implement ICT policies for development GCI 2019 identifies five stakeholder roles that can collaborate across domains, break down organizational silos, and deliver fast results to customers: Decision Makers, Data Scientists, Data Collectors, ICT Companies, and End Users. Understanding how to participate and leverage the strengths of these collaborativ The index shows that there is little determinism and fatalism in the process of economic development. Economic growth does not happen in a vacuum. Some basic building blocks are required to jumpstart the development process, and more are needed to sustain it. In the current volatile geopolitical context, and with a likely downturn ahead, building economic resilience through improved. The Networked Readiness Index (NRI) was first published in 2002 and provided a holistic framework for assessing the multi-faceted impact of ICT on society and the development of nations. Until 2016, the NRI was part of the Global Information Technology Report (GITR) published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Cornell University and INSEAD Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios

ICT Sector and R&D performance in the EU 2019; See also Horizon 2020 Research Projects in the ICT domain in the EU 2019. Digital Economy and Society Index 2019 - Country Reporting. See country-by-country reporting on how each Member State fares in the Digital Economy and Society Index -DESI in 2019. Austri Received: January 13, 2019; Accepted: July 28, 2019 (ICT) on the financial development index of six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries from the period 2000 to 2016. The results are reported in terms of two main ICT variables: fixed broadband and Internet users as a proxy of ICT and domestic credit to private sector as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) and broad money. Under the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) ICT Development Index, Cambodia ranks 128th out of the 176 countries measured and ranks as the tenth least developed country in the Asia Pacific Region. At present Cambodia has a higher rate of mobile subscriptions than most countries. That said, services that require high broadband, such as mobile money services, are used at rates well. Website of the Directorate for Public Governance at the OECD, a source of policy solutions, data, expertise and good practice., This paper presents the overall rankings, results and key policy messages of the 2019 OECD Digital Government Index (DGI) and provides a detailed analysis of the results for each of the dimensions of the OECD Digital Government Policy Framework This study focuses on whether information and communication technology (ICT) contributes to economic growth in countries with better human development index as compared to those with a lower index. The study uses panel data estimation methods those are robust to dependencies across countries and heterogeneity from 1990 to 2016 in developing Asian countries. The results documented that.

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  1. Индекс развития информационно-коммуникационных технологий в странах мира (ICT Development Index.
  2. The E-Government Development Index presents the state of E-Government Development of the United Nations Member States. Along with an assessment of the website development patterns in a country, the E-Government Development index incorporates the access characteristics, such as the infrastructure and educational levels, to reflect how a country is using information technologies to promote.
  3. CHOOSE YOUR INDICATOR BELOW. Global Innovation Index Innovation Efficiency Ratio Innovation Input Sub-index 1 Institutions 1.1. Political environment 1.1.1 Political and operational stability 1.1.2 Government effectiveness 1.2. Regulatory environment 1.2.1 Regulatory quality 1.2.2 Rule of law 1.2.3 Cost of redundancy dismissal, salary weeks 1.3
  4. GCI 2019: Key Takeaways from Global Connectivity Index 2019. Corporate. By Kevin Zhang . December 9, 2019 . Kevin Zhang . This year's Global Connectivity Index report has landed rich with insights into the latest global ICT trends and how individual nations have performed this year in terms of ICT maturity and build out. Having already defined its value as a reference point for helping to.
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Home Foreword Contents Internet use Offline population Gender gap Mobile vs. fixed Mobile phone ownership Households with ICT Network coverage Bandwidth ICT skills Affordability Resources. Pages; Editions; Internet usage keeps growing, but barriers lie ahead. Important: for the latest statistics and estimates, refer to Measuring digital development Facts and figures 2020. Individuals using the. Network Readiness Index 2020. Benchmarking the Future of the Network Economy . Discover More. Full Report Presentation Complete NRI Dataset. Press Release [En] Press Release [Fr] Press Release [Sp] Press Release [Pt] The Network Readiness Index (NRI) at a Glance. The 2020 NRI is the second edition of a renewed NRI model, and it ranks a total of 134 economies based on their performance across. The ICT Development Index: Designed by the International Institute for International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which reflect progress in ICT development in both developed and developing countries. World Digital Competitiveness Index: Published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), this ranking determines countries' levels of digital competitiveness as scored. Individuals using the Internet (% of population) International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database. License : CC BY-4.0. Line Bar Map. Label. 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 % 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 World. 1960 - 2019

2 The Global Innovation Index 2019 As a result, encouragingly, many developing economies— including low-income economies—increasingly monitor their innovation performance closely and work on improving it. In that same vein, there is a better understanding that innovation is taking place in all realms of the economy, including sectors originally—and possibly erroneously—classified as. OF ICT IN UGANDA ALISON GILLWALD, ONKOKAME MOTHOBI, ALI NDIWALANA AND TUSU TUSUBIRA . ii S ernational ess and use al South (10 in o er onjunction en ormation and au alana y Dr ed alana.. 8 anda May 2019 WALD ademan ee Smith en Lilje a a el: +27 21 ax: +27 21 447 9529 International Development Research Centre Centre de reserches pour le développement international . EXECUTIVE SUMMARY III In.

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  1. They encompass the entire chain of ICT development and digital transformation to provide a 360-degree view of the digital economy. The Four Technology Enablers In GCI 2019, we merged the Data Centers parameter with Cloud and positioned Big Data under the newly-created AI parameter
  2. 2019 DIGITAL NEPAL FRAMEWORK Government of Nepal Ministry of Communication and Information Technology . Table of Contents Abbreviations i Executive Summary 1 Nepal in Context 6 State of Digital Adoption in Nepal 13 Digital Nepal Enablers 23 Digital Nepal Framework: 1 - 8 - 80 26 Digital Foundation 41 Agriculture 59 Health 73 Education 84 Energy 97 Tourism 107 Finance 120 Urban.
  3. Today, the country is focused on the development of its ICT sector. The government aims to turn the country into an ICT hub for the Caucasus, a goal reinforced by the State Program on the İmplementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Information Society in Azerbaijan for 2016-2020,3 a decree signed by the President declaring 2013 the year of ICT in Azerbaijan; and an action.

ict adoption index increases 50 scores (from 95 to 41) human capital index (hci) world bank (wb, 2018) (1) (1) (2) (2) (3) 0,67(3) (4) vietnam 1 new destination. 4 software export turnover businesses in ict sector $3,5b ict export $91,5b (estimated 2019) (estimated 2019) (2018) 50.000 businesses (2018) software industry's growth rate software industry revenue fdi 2018 for technology science. ICT Development Index. The ICT Development Index ranks and compares the level of ICT use and access across the various countries around the world. In 2014 ITU (International Telecommunications Union) released the latest rankings of the IDI, with Denmark attaining the top spot, followed by South Korea. The top 30 countries in the rankings include most high-income countries where the quality of. General developments in the labour force for people with an ICT education. The EU-27 labour force is composed of persons who are in employment and those who are unemployed. In 2009, the EU labour force (or the total number of economically active persons) that were in possession of an ICT education numbered slightly over 2 million persons; this number rose to 2.8 million persons by 2019 United Nations publication issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2019/14 eISBN: 978-92-1-004695-4 . III NOTE Within the UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics, the ICT Policy Section carries out policy-oriented analytical work on the development implications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and e-commerce. It is responsible.

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MARCH 2019 REPORT / LEAN ICT: TOWARDS DIGITAL SOBRIETY 8 Index of figures and tables Figures Figure 1: Evolution 2013-2025 of energy consumption of digital technology in TWh 16 Figure 2: Evolution 2010-2025 of energy consumption of digital technology versus world energy consumption. 17 Figure 3: Evolution 2013-2025 of the share of digital technology in GHG emissions. The share of digital. OECD countries by share of ICT sector in total value added in 2013. The ICT Development Index ranks and compares the level of ICT use and access across the comprehensive assessment of how ICT impacts the competitiveness and well - being of nations. The Networked Readiness Index NRI was first published in 2002 comprehensive and up - to - date index is the UN s ICT Development Index e.

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Introducing the EBRD Knowledge Economy Index March 2019 1 Introducing the EBRD Knowledge Economy Index1 Executive summary The knowledge economy (KE) is a concept of economic development, in which innovation and access to information drive productivity growth. New trends, such as the Internet of Things or digitalisation, are examples of key elements of the transition to the knowledge. ICT value added is the difference between the Information and Communication Technology sector gross output and intermediate consumption. The aggregate of information industries here includes ISIC rev. 4 Division 26 (Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products) and Section J (Information and communication), which in turn consists of Divisions 58-60 (Publishing and broadcasting. Mobile Connectivity Index Methodology August 2019. GSMA The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting more than 750 operators with nearly 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces the.

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In today's world information and communication technology (ICT) is a key parameter for economic development. Presently India is 121st position in ICT Development Rankings out of total 157 countries. Though the value of the index increased from 2.13 in 2011 to 2.21 in 2012 India's overall ranking slashed down from 120 to 121 during this period ICT infrastructural development is a good-news story for the continent. Challenges, however, remain and the continent's full participation in the digital world depends on addressing them. The key issue compromising the growth of ICT in Africa is affordability. The costs of ICT use must align with the abilities of African users to pay for it AfDB Development Index 2016 Chief Economist Complex The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) is produced by the African Development Bank and serves a num- ber of key objectives, principally: (i) to monitor and evaluate the status and progress of infrastructure development across the continent; (ii) to assist in re-source allocation within the framework of ADF replenishments; and (iii. within Africa by the ICT Development Index (IDI), a composite index that measures countries on 11 indicators (ITU, 2017). Thus, their ICT environments are considered sufficiently developed, within an African context, to warrant further examination. 2A. Data Collection: Case Studie

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This study investigates the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on carbon dioxide emissions for a panel of 91 countries over the period 1990 to 2017. The study constructs an ICT index through principal component analysis and tests for the presence of cross-sectional dependence (CSD) in the data. The study employs pooled ordinary least squares, fixed-effects model, and. Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 The Network Readiness Index 2019 7| PREFACE PREFACE It was the year 2000, and we both were part of a small group of experts at the World Economic Forum (WEF) with the mandate to design a framework for assessing the impact of information and communications technologies (ICT) on the development and competitiveness of nations. The commercialization of the Internet had started only a few years. Bearing this in mind, the main goal of this paper is to present an I-distance methodology that holds a new perspective on the measurement of information development, to compare it to the ICT development index (IDI), and to point out improvements that such methodology provides. IDI combines 11 indicators related to three ICT categories: Access, Use and Skills (by weighting the first two by 40. Information and communication technology (ICT), financial development, economic growth, E-finance, GCC countries Date received: 13 January 2019; accepted: 28 July 2019 Introduction The impact of information and communication technology (ICT) in the financial economy has become increasingly apparent, increasing productivity to extend into foreig

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Emergency Contact Number (US) (202) 458-8888 © 2021 The World Bank Group, All Rights Reserve Development Index 2018 Summary and Data Highlights Slow progress in living standards and widening inequality have contributed to political polarization and erosion of social cohesion in many advanced and emerging economies. This has led to the emergence of a worldwide consensus on the need for a more inclusive and sustainable model of growth and development that promotes high living standards. বার্ষিক কর্মসম্পাদন চুক্তি (এপিএ) ২০১৯-২০২০ এর চূড়ান্ত. The global gender gap has increased owing to the rapid growth in the number of male Internet users in developing countries. Between 2013 and 2019, the gender gap hovered around zero in the Americas and has been shrinking in the CIS countries and Europe. However, in the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, and Africa, the gender gap has been growing The 14 ICT indicators below are drawn from various publications and databases produced by the OECD's Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation. They are updated annually or on a rolling basis, as data become available. See also OECD broadband statistics. 1. Access lines and access paths in total / per 100 inhabitants for OECD - Last.

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Liner shipping connectivity index, 2019. Goods and services (BPM6 basis), 2018. Volume of world merchandise exports, 2019 Q1 . Total merchandise trade, 2018 (first annual estimate) Digitally-deliverable services, 2017. Trade in services, 2018 - First annual estimates. Volume of world merchandise exports, 2018 Q4. Trade in services, 2018 Q3. 2018. World population growth in 2017. Volume of. Definition ofInternet access. Internet access is defined as the percentage of households who reported that they had access to the Internet. In almost all cases this access is via a personal computer either using a dial-up, ADSL or cable broadband access. This indicator is measured in percentage of all households. More RDR Corporate Accountability Index. The RDR Corporate Accountability Index evaluates the world's most powerful internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies' disclosed policies and practices affecting users' freedom of expression and privacy. The 2019 Index will be released in May 2019

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Over recent years, the presence of online government services has become increasingly common. In 2020, Denmark was ranked first with a near-perfect E-Government Development Index (EGDI) rating of. Homepage - GHS Index The Inclusive Internet Index has been updated for 2021, with revised rankings and scores. The 120 countries in this year's index represent 98% of global GDP and 96% of global population. Explore the Index. For people to benefit from the Internet, it must be available and affordable. It also must be relevant to their lives and they must have the. ICT investment is defined as the acquisition of equipment and computer software that is used in production for more than one year. ICT has three components: information technology equipment (computers and related hardware); communications equipment; and software. Software includes acquisition of pre-packaged software, customised software and software developed in-house. This indicator is.

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ICT capital services as the main variable of interest shows a similar average growth rate of 18 and 17% in developing and emerging countries respectively. This number is much lower in the group of developed economies, where the average growth rate is just 11%. The average growth rates of non-ICT capital services are much lower than those of ICT. Zum ETF-Rechner. Börsengehandelte Indexfonds auf den Weltaktienindex MSCI World sind ein gutes Fundament für ein gemischtes Anlageportfolio. An der Frankfurter Börse sind Mitte 2021 17 solcher Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) gelistet. Sie alle versprechen den Anlegern, die Wertentwicklung des MSCI-World-Index möglichst genau nachzubilden Developing ICT Tools to Empower Smallholder Farmers, Kampala, Uganda, June 20-25, 2016 The Ministerial Roundtable Meeting with GSMA the 30th of September 2014 The thirteenth session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property: the official presentation of the study on the Role of Intellectual Property Rights on the Egyptian Information Technology Sector on 23 May 201

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Whether you are starting a business or developing a product, the right people are the key. A hub for qualified people with exceptional talent, Bahrain ranks 2nd among Arab countries in the 2020 World Bank Human Capital Index. Our digitally-native nation also ranks 1st globally for internet users (as a percentage of the population), and 1st in. on the development, for the first time, of a Kenyan Youth Development Index to track and measure impact of initiatives, programmes, projects and activities at various levels. The Index shall have clear indicators, making it easy to obtain relevant data and information through regular national and county level surveys and reporting mechanisms This report provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the development and trends of the ICT market of the United Kingdom. from 750,00 € further Market Reports. You Have Questions? Dr. Florian Bayer Marktforschung. E-Mail. f.bayer@bitkom.org. Phone +49 30 27576-162. Send Message. Michaela Meyer Research & Social Media Manager. E-Mail. m.meyer@bitkom-research.de. Phone +49 (0) 30. Ghana ranked 112th among 175 countries in the global ICT development index in 2016 after being ranked 123rd in 2014 (International Telecommunication Union, 2014; International Telecommunication Union, 2016). Statement of the problem . In lieu of the COVID-19 crisis, the government of Ghana announced the suspension of all school operations both pre-tertiary and tertiary on March 15, 2020, as.